Choose how many delicious avocados you want

Box of 10
Hass Avocados

All medium
sized fruit.


Box of 8
Hass Avocados

All large
sized fruit.


Box of 6
Hass Avocados

All large
sized fruit.


Mid-season avos

In the middle of the season avocados can take around 1 week to naturally ripen. In your Good Avo box we will only include firm ripe fruit, in order to ensure there is no damage or bruising to your fruit in transit. This way you can control the ripening process yourself using our handy ripening bag which is included in every order.

Common Questions

How does your repeat order work?
Our repeat order option allows you to have a delicious box of avos sent to you weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Simply select the box type you prefer, then choose how frequently you would like your avos to be sent in the Basket. We’ll then send you a box of avos at the frequency you’ve chosen. Easy as that.
I only want to order once, is this possible?
Absolutely! We offer a one-time order option when you get to the Basket. It’s the perfect way to try out our delicious avos before signing up for a repeat order.

How much is delivery?
We want to make sure your avos get to you in top condition. To help us achieve the best delivery service possible deliveries to the North Island are $3.50, and the South Island are $5.50. Rural deliveries will be an extra $3.79. Check out our FAQ’s for details on delivery timings.

What type of avos will you be sending me?
Although we love each and every avocado variety, we do have a favourite. The Hass. We love everything about this type, its creamy texture, super delicious taste, and easy to peel skin. And this means we only grow and deliver these types.